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Autistic peer-to-peer information transfer is highly effective

The results of this study challenge the diagnostic criterion that Autistic people lack the skills to interact successfully. The Double Empathy theory suggests that communication difficulties arise from a mismatch in neurotype, and is as much a lack of skill in neurotypical individuals as Autistic people.



The Identity Theory of Autism: How Autistic Identity Is Experienced Differently

This article talks about Autistic Identity, and how dedication to values and integrity may influence Autistic identity more than belongingness within a collective social identity. It may be a valuable read for Autistic people who are often accused of being rude, difficult, or disrespectful when they are being honest and helpful.

TED Talks

Why everything you know about autism is wrong | Jac den Houting


My brain isn’t broken | Tashi Baiguerra


Neurodiversity – the key that unlocked my world | Elisabeth Wiklander


ADHD As A Difference In Cognition, Not A Disorder


ADHD sucks, but not really | Salif Mahamane


Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story | Jessica McCabe


Reframing Autism

An organisation led by Autistic individuals who are dedicated to embracing and fostering Autistic identity.

You can find more about them at



Embrace Autism

Provides access to reliable, scientifically validated online screening tests if you're wondering whether you might be Autistic and want to find out more before deciding whether a formal assessment would be helpful.

You can check it out here:

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