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Minecraft Group Therapy

Neuroaffirming group therapy sessions using the Minecraft platform. Designed to enhance social interaction and build capacity toward social and communication goals for participants. Led by a psychologist, with the added assistance of a therapy assistant with a psychology degree and some mad Minecraft skills!

A 4-week block of 2-hour weekly small-group online sessions. $740

Participants under 18 will be within a 2-year age range of each other.

Group therapy using Minecraft is a phenomenal tool for neuroaffirming skill-building in social interaction.

The virtual realm of Minecraft provides a unique and inclusive environment where young people can engage in collaborative activities, fostering a sense of community and shared accomplishment. The game's open-ended nature encourages creativity and problem-solving, allowing participants to express themselves in diverse ways.

In this digital landscape, young people with varying neurodivergent profiles find common ground, breaking down barriers and promoting understanding. The interactive nature of Minecraft cultivates teamwork, communication, creativity, emotion regulation, patience, empathy, understanding, and friendships.

As participants collaboratively build, explore, and strategise, they naturally develop a range of social skills in a low-pressure setting, enhancing their confidence and abilities for real-world social engagement.

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