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Diagnostic ​
Autism Assessments 
for Children, Teens, and Adults

Welcome to your Autism Assessment journey—a compassionate exploration designed to understand and celebrate the unique qualities that make you, well, you. Here's a guide on what to expect:


Initial consultation: $290

A crucial first step on your journey toward understanding your neurotype, the goal of the initial consultation is to determine if a full assessment is warranted. By investing this time upfront, we aim to avoid any unnecessary costs associated with assessments that might not be essential for your situation. We don't want to waste your time, or charge you for conducting assessments that aren't required or helpful for you. It's a thoughtful and cost-effective approach that prioritises your well-being. You'll find more information on Our Process page.

Autism Assessment: $1490

Clinical Observation Session:
Think of this as a conversation with a purpose. In this session, we chat, we observe, and we use a variety of assessment tools, including the MIGDAS-2, to delve into the intricacies of your experiences. It's about creating a safe space where your individuality shines.

Online Questionnaires:
We understand that life has its own rhythm. That's why we offer some assessment tools in the form of online questionnaires. Take your time, answer at your pace, and share your insights when it suits you best. It's all about making the process comfortable and tailored to your needs.

Our goal isn't just assessment—it's about recognising and embracing the wonderful spectrum of you.


Once the assessment questionnaires are complete, MindScope gets to work; we'll score, interpret, perform a differential diagnosis, and provide you with a diagnostic report. You'll find more information about the assessment process on Our Process page.

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